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What Are Some Signs You’re Actually an Awful Coworker?

Always complaining about your office mates? Work in a toxic environment where no one around you wanted to put in the time?

Maybe you do. Bad work experiences happen. But maybe you’re actually the problem.

Too-polite or non-confrontational coworkers may mean that you’re really the issue here, and they are just too quiet or easygoing to say so. Before you start looking outside of yourself for the problem, evaluate your own actions. Are you the toxic member of this team?

Your Coworkers Avoid You

Are your coworkers avoiding you, both inside and outside of work? Does the break room clear out when you go to get a second cup of coffee, or the water cooler magically open up when you need a refill? Worse, maybe they choose to take the stairs to avoid being stuck in an elevator with you.

Your coworkers may be avoiding you because they simply don’t want to talk to you. Ask yourself why this is. Do you harp on the negatives? Do you not listen to other people, and just talk over them? Are you so obsessed with a specific hobby or action that you can’t hold a conversation outside of that?

You’re Always Asked to Help

This seems counterintuitive, right? If someone is always asking you to pitch in, it means they must value and respect you… right?

Not really.

It’s possible that you are always being asked to step up and help the team because your coworkers think you aren’t pulling your own weight. While it is possible that they want your input and support because they value you, examine just how often you are asked and what tasks they need help with.

Compare your workload to someone else in a similar position and see if there are major differences. If you’re always offloading work or late to submit deadlines, putting the team behind, it’s possible you’re not being asked to help as much as being asked to do your job.

You’re Behind the Curve

Are you finding out about major projects or events in the company long after they have been discussed? If you’ve ever been caught off guard in a meeting by someone talking about a project you didn’t even know existed, it’s possible they are keeping this from you because you aren’t wanted.

They’re Short in Conversation With You

If you’re saying ‘Good morning’ and barely getting a hello in return, or one-word answers to your questions about their weekend, chances are you are disliked in your office – or at the very least by that person!

Short, awkward, or stilted conversation are all signs your coworkers don’t get along with you. This could be for a variety of reasons, but it really is the first big sign. If no one will engage you in conversation, reply back to emails unless absolutely necessary, and they don’t want to talk to you about their day even though they have no issues discussing it with others, you may be disliked.

You’re Never Invited to Social Events

Some workplaces don’t encourage social events outside of work. Sometimes it is frowned upon for a variety of reasons. But sometimes, it might just be that you’re not included.

If your coworkers are going to happy hour every Friday or have a weekly golf outing but you’re never invited, it’s possible that it is because they really don’t want to see you outside of work.

Being a disliked coworker is hard in any job. Look closely at your actions, work ethic, and general demeanor. What are you doing that could be the problem, and how can you fix it to improve your work life?

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