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Use Your Weekend Wisely to Relax and Decompress

If you work in a typical day job, you likely know all about the happiness Fridays can bring. At last, the workweek is over, and you can finally have a moment to relax.

Well, maybe. It depends on how many demands you put on yourself during the weekend. If you have kids, a side hustle, or other activities planned, the weekend can be quite busy. Even if you simply just lack time to run errands during the week, it’s easy to quickly get overwhelmed.

The thing is, no matter how much you’d like to get done over the weekend, you still need “me time.”

Before you even know it, the weekend has slipped by and you’re faced with another Monday morning. Without having taken time to de-stress, the week ahead can seem absolutely daunting.

Luckily, we’ve got some wise weekend tips that can help.

De-Clutter Your Personal Space

Yes, we know, cleaning often seems like more work. However, a cluttered home can lead to heightened stress levels and make it difficult to relax.

You don’t need to spend all weekend deep-cleaning your home though. Just take a couple of hours to knock out some basic chores. That way on Monday night, you can come home to a livable place.

Plan for the Week Ahead

If you know what you’re up against in the coming week, take some time to schedule things out. Plan what meals you’d like to cook, check your calendar for upcoming events and appointments, and make sure you’re on-task.

If you have time to do some meal prep, it could certainly make the week go smoother. This may mean pre-chopping veggies, planning an Instant Pot meal or two, and formulating a week-long meal plan.

Treat Yourself this Weekend

You’ve seen the posters – “Treat Yo’ Self” in gold script. You’ve maybe even seen the episode of Parks & Recreation. And we’re certainly not telling you to go buy a head-to-toe cashmere outfit or go on a shopping binge at all. We’re not even suggesting going off your diet – unless your cheat day falls on the weekend.

What we’re saying is that it’s okay to make time for yourself – time to do what you want to do. If you want to spend an hour in the bath – treat yo’ self. Want to hunker down with a cup of tea and a book? Treat. Yo. Self.

If you need to cancel some commitments, that’s okay. We all could use a little self-care every now and then, and that means making time for “me time.”

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