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Unorthodox Tips for Finding a Job

Sure, you can search the regular job listing websites and send your resume to potential future employers (and you should!), but the job market can be highly competitive, and you might need to go the extra mile to get a spot at the interview table.

Here are a few out-of-the-box ideas to help you snag that job you’ve got your eye on.

Network Everywhere

Obviously, networking is important to both advancing within your current job and landing a new job. That’s not really anything new. However, you should try to think outside of the box. Sure, you’ve been networking with your peers at work, or other professionals within your same field, but have you thought about everywhere else?

Have your own business cards on hand at all times, not tied to your current job, but just for you alone. Don’t use your current work email, but set up your own email that lets people know what you do (for example, if you’re looking for a design job, use your name and try something like “YourNameDesignedIt@gmail”).

Now every time you use your email for a store rewards card, or for other parents in the PTA to contact you about bringing snacks to the Halloween party, you’ve given them a sneak peek into what you do and an opportunity to open it up for conversation. You’ll also be ready to hand over those slick business cards. You never know when you’ll come across someone who is looking to hire!

Brand Yourself and Create an Online Resume

This one works particularly well if you’re looking to get into creative fields, but it can work for a wide variety of jobs. The best way to look professional, put-together, and prepared is to have your own brand that carries through everything. You’re basically marketing yourself to potential employers, so think of it as developing your own marketing campaign, where you’re selling yourself.

Create your own website that showcases your skills, education, and experience, much like a resume would, but it’s like a next-level resume. With graphics. Have an email that is directly related to your career, and stay away from non-professional emails like YourName1986@gmail or LovesToShop@hotmail.

Get business cards printed that include all of your important contact information, make sure to include your job or important skill set, and then make the cards match your website. You want future employers to recognize your marketing materials as cohesive and belonging to you!

Show Off Your Personality

Usually, when looking for a job, we’re told to keep it strictly professional, and in most cases, that’s absolutely true. But occasionally, it can be good to let them see a little bit of your personal side, as well. Try using your cover letter, interview, or an anecdote in your resume to show off a quirky interest or hobby that you enjoy in your free time.

Not only will this help to add a splash of color to your otherwise very professional resume or interview, but it can also help you stand out as different from the other candidates. Also, the person looking at your resume or interviewing you may share your interest, which can give you some extra bonus points! Anything to help get your resume to the top of that stack!

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