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Love to Travel? You’re Going to Love these 5 Travel Career Options

If you’re an adventuring spirit at heart, or you love the idea of traveling across the world, you’re not alone. Travel means adventure, excitement, and something new. But why travel on your own time and money when you can get your job to pay for it?

These are the top 5 jobs you can have that will allow you the freedom to travel, see new things and experience life in other parts of the world.

Some of these are nontraditional but keep an open mind. Remember at the end of the day, the goal is to see what is outside the workplace!

#5: Flight Attendant

This may seem obvious to some, but a flight attendant is the best job to choose if you want to travel around and see new things. While those against the idea will argue you’ll spend your life at the airport, that simply isn’t true.

Choose an airline that has international flights if you want to see the world and volunteer for shifts that have overnights in exotic or unusual places. While it’s true that the first few months will probably be training locally; flight attendants often get to spend 12-24 hours in all sorts of places.

Going in and out of security is a breeze for airport employees, and it isn’t so bad being ‘stuck’ at an airport when it is your job.

#4: Teach English Abroad

Most people think that you have to have a degree in English in order to qualify for these types of jobs, but that is false! Depending on where you want to teach, you might not even need a degree at all.

You will need a TEFL certification, or Teaching English as a Foreign Language. These can be obtained online or through a local college, so call around and see what is available.

Countries all over the world are looking for native English speakers to teach their students, and many times it is a benefit to them if you don’t speak much of the native language.

When you teach abroad, the school often pays for your flight there and back, as well as provide a housing and food stipend on top of your monthly pay.

Many straight-out-of-college students teach abroad for a few years to pocket a good amount of cash before returning to the US to settle down, but there is no reason you can’t change schools or parts of the world every year or two in order to really immerse yourself in different cultures.

#3: Bartending

Okay, this one is a stretch, but not by much. If you’re looking for something nontraditional, bartending skills are always transferable and highly sought after.

The better you are behind the bar, the better job you are going to be able to find. Most high-end restaurants won’t train you with no experience, but spend some time at a smaller location and work your way up. Once you are bartending at a reputable joint, you can often transfer within the company if you want to stay in the US or take your resume abroad.

Bartending has been around for as long as people have been drinking, and it’s a job that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

#2: Cruise Lines

Don’t feel like you’re skilled enough for anything on this list, or don’t want to wait to train or get a certification? Try a cruise line. Cruise ships are hard work, a simple Google search will tell you that. But they are also rewarding, and you get to dock at exotic and fun places all throughout the world.

Be prepared to work long days while on the ship and always be “on” when in guest view. Your days off can be spent in a pool, sunning on the side of a boat, or hanging out on a beach wherever you’re docked. Expenses are very low when living on a cruise ship as well, so expect to come off the ship with a nice wad of cash to show for it.

#1: Work Remotely

This is going to be hard for some professions, as work experience doesn’t always transfer to remote work well. But the best way you can travel while still earning money is by working remotely.

The cost of living in places like South East Asia or Central America is dirt cheap. For only a few dollars a day you can get a place to sleep, a beach to lay on, and fun drinks.

If you’re charging normal “US” rates for your work, you are going to see a huge increase in your bank account, all while living a great life.

Remote work is not easy, though. You are only motivated by yourself, and you pay the price if you don’t get your job done. Look for freelance opportunities or full-time remote positions to learn what is available to you.

Many companies are opting for remote work as it lowers their overhead and ultimately saves them money, and you might even find a blog or website looking for travel writers!

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