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Tips For Finding a Part-Time Job While in College

Being a full-time college student can become expensive pretty quick, which is why many college students need to pick up a part-time job on the side. But between juggling classes, extracurriculars, a social schedule, and finding time to study, it can be incredibly difficult to squeeze a job into your schedule, too.

In order to find a flexible job that you can fit into your college schedule, you need to start early (you’ve got to beat out the thousands of other students who are also in the same boat!), and you should get your resume in good shape. After you get that in order, it’s time to start looking for your perfect job!

Here are a few ideas on how to get started.

Jobs on Campus

Finding a job on campus is ideal for a lot of students. Some students can benefit from finding positions that offer skills relevant to their field of study. They can not only gain knowledge and pick up experience, but they can also possibly build relationships with people in the field, too. But on top of that, finding a job on campus means less traveling between school and work, and on-campus jobs might be more flexible.

Try looking for on-campus jobs through the campus career center, college job boards, or ads at the campus library. Also try mentioning to professors or department heads that you are job hunting, in case they know of any openings or unlisted internships.

Freelancing or Online Jobs

Freelancing or online jobs are particularly suitable if you have design, writing, editing, or web development skills that do well with online work. If you think that an online job would be a good fit, you can find a wide variety of categories, like proofreading, transcription, or design work.

If sitting behind a computer screen isn’t what you’re looking for, you can try a flexible freelance gig, like delivering takeout orders, walking dogs, or driving for ride-sharing companies. A lot of times, you can find a job that will let you set your own schedule.

Paid Internship

If there was one college job to rule them all, it’s probably snagging a paid internship. Not only will you get valuable experience and networking opportunities, but you’ll also get paid for boosting your college career. If you’re lucky, you’ll even get college credit for your internship (which will save you a little bit on tuition!)

Ask around with professors and department heads, search for internships online, or check with the campus career center. If you know of nearby companies in your field of study, try reaching out directly to their human resources departments to see if they have any internship opportunities.

Retail, Customer Service, Sales

While finding a part-time job that also serves as a resume booster is ideal, not every student will catch that kind of opportunity. It’s okay to pick up a position that isn’t relevant to your field. Sometimes you just need to find a job that will help you keep up with expenses, and that’s okay, too.

Working in customer service, retail, and hospitality might end up being pretty lucrative depending on the job and the company, and it’s possible to find positions that don’t require a lot of previous experience. Some of these positions, like bartending or other serving gigs that give you the ability to earn tips, might mean that you don’t have to work as many hours.

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