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Three Simple Jobs that Can Be Done from Home if You Have a Computer

Looking for more flexibility when it comes to working? Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom or perhaps you just want more time for your own creative endeavors. Whatever the case, you’re in luck.

Every day it seems there are more opportunities when it comes to work-from-home jobs. Though some of them do require advanced or specialized skills, that’s not always the case. There are also some easy jobs that just about anyone can do.

Be forewarned though, there are a lot of scams and misleading posts out there. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That’s why it’s important to always research the companies behind the job postings, especially on sites like Craigslist. You should also not be required to make any investments in order to take on work.

That said, here are some common, realistic, entry-level jobs you may be able to do from home.

Virtual Assistant

If you’re organized, eloquent, and capable of performing basic administrative tasks, this may be the job for you. Being a virtual assistant typically involves making and returning phone calls, replying to emails, scheduling, and other simple tasks. You may also need to, say, book travel arrangements, or post things to a social media account.

These are just a few things a virtual assistant may be required to do, though they often do even more.

This type of job may be offered as a full-time gig or as freelance work, depending on where you look. Often, you’ll find postings on remote job and gig work-related websites.

The average pay for a virtual assistant tends to be around $15 an hour. When you apply, be sure to mention your organizational and time management skills. If you’re familiar with a myriad of social media platforms or certain software suites, definitely mention those as well.

Data Entry Clerk

If the idea of working as a virtual assistant sounds a little overwhelming, there is an alternative. While data entry clerks don’t earn as much, the job usually has fewer requirements. The typical hourly rate is about $9-10, but the work is more straightforward, and a job may be easier to get.

Much like the other jobs mentioned here, there are both freelance and full-time data entry opportunities. The main thing a potential employer will likely be concerned with are your typing metrics. That means both how fast you can type (words per minute) and with what accuracy.

To find data entry jobs, look for terms like “remote data entry” and “virtual data entry.” For this sort of job, you’ll want to be able to type a minimum of 50 wpm.

Customer Support Associate

These days, more and more big companies are outsourcing their customer support to folks who work remotely.

Jobs in customer support tend to involve responding to inquiries via email, a text chat environment, or over the phone. These jobs also require you to have good problem-solving skills so you can effectively respond to people’s questions or issues.

Typically, these jobs have titles such as “customer service agent” or “customer care specialist.”

These jobs can be found in several places, including flexible and remote job websites and regular job search websites. Occasionally, you’ll even see them on company career webpages.

It is important to ensure you’re looking for listings that are specifically for remote, work-from-home, or virtual jobs though.

If you’ve ever had a job in hospitality or customer service, be sure to mention that. Also, be sure to emphasize your incredible conflict resolution abilities and top-notch communicative skills.

As for the expected salary, people in these jobs typically earn around $35,000 annually.

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