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These 3 Things Will Immediately Disqualify You in an Interview… Are You Saying Them?

Interviews are always awkward. There’s a good chance at some point, you’re going to say or do something wrong. Whether you accidentally offend the interviewer, you misspeak on an issue you know a lot about, or something happens and you end up spilling coffee all over yourself… you won’t be the first.

But these mistakes we’ve listed here are 100% avoidable and could be costing you major job opportunities. This is more than just an awkward sentence or a funny look. If you’re making these mistakes, you will probably not be getting a second interview!

#3: Suggesting They Aren’t Your Top Pick

This is a tricky one because it is easy to speak without really thinking. But you should never give your interviewer the idea that they aren’t your top pick for a company or position… even if they aren’t.

No company wants someone that doesn’t care about them working at their organization, and it just makes sense that no one will respond well to a candidate that looks at this as a ‘stepping stone’. As a company, they want to invest in someone who is serious. Not someone who will leave in six months.

#2: Lying in the Interview

It may be tempting to fudge the truth a little and say that you had more responsibility in your past position, got better grades for your degree, or had more people under you than you really did.

Don’t. It’s never worth it.

If it’s something obvious, you’ll be called out immediately. Or worse, you’ll be mocked as soon as you leave. If it’s less obvious, they’ll find out eventually, and you will look slimy and untrustworthy. Honesty is always the best policy, so stick with the truth as closely as you can.

#1: Self-Deprecating Comments

You should never, ever, ever say “I know I’m not the most qualified candidate” in a job interview. Ever!

If you don’t believe in yourself, how is the interviewer supposed to believe in you?

Confidence is so important. Obviously, the company and the interviewer think that you are qualified for this position. That’s why you’re sitting there having a conversation with them! If they didn’t think you could potentially do the job, you wouldn’t have been called.

Believe in yourself and project that out. Your confidence will land you jobs you otherwise wouldn’t have gotten. If you keep being down on yourself, you’ll never get anywhere in your job search!

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