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The Art of Job Hunting While Still Employed

Looking for a job is tough enough but looking for a new job when you are still employed presents even more challenges. Most of the time, when people are looking for a new job they don’t want their current employer to know. There is an art to balancing your current job and responsibilities while looking for a new job.

Get Organized

The best thing you can do to look for a job while working a full-time job is to get yourself organized! Put together a few different resumes for different positions you plan to apply for. Create cover letters that you can easily personalize for different jobs and update your professional profiles such as LinkedIn.

Juggling work, life, interviews, and follow-ups will also create a new challenge. Be sure to prioritize tasks and keep an up-to-date calendar to avoid overlapping appointments and interviews.

Be Stealthy

There are many things you can do to be as stealthy as possible looking for a new job. Doing so will ensure you do not sabotage your current position before you find a new one. Follow these simple rules to keep your job search private.

  • Do not talk to co-workers about your job search
  • Don’t drop hints or suggestions that you don’t care about rules or reprimands
  • Do not post your resume to job boards – your current employer can see those too!
  • Dress as you normally do – even if that means you will need to do a quick change for an interview right after work
  • Schedule interviews outside of your work hours as much as possible
  • Do not use company time or resources to search for a new job
  • Do not use your current boss or co-workers as references
  • Be up front with the prospective employer and ask that they be discreet

Do Not Act Prematurely

Until you have received a job offer and accepted the position, you should still treat the job you have as your primary source of income. Even if you had a very promising interview, it doesn’t mean you’ll get the job, or if they’ll offer you the amount want or the hours you want. Keep up with your current responsibilities until your very last day.

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