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Simple Yet Brilliant Tips to Land Your Dream Job

If you found this post by searching for job hunting advice, then you probably already feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tips and tricks online. Let’s keep things simple and look at a few of the most effective, easy-to-follow strategies.

Tailor Your Resume to Every Position

Think of your resume as a template, not a finished document. You should tweak it every time you apply for a new job. Mirror the language of the job application and make sure that the most relevant information to that position appears at the top of your resume.

Just remember to proofread your resume every time you make a change!

Master LinkedIn

If you’re not on LinkedIn, you might as well not exist as far as recruiters are concerned. They’ll look for you on the professional networking site to check that the information there matches your resume. They’ll also want to look at your connections, so it’s not enough to make a profile and walk away. Like it or not, we live in the era of social media. It will take you an afternoon to get set up on LinkedIn, so get it done.

Send a Thank-You Note

The smallest factors can make the difference in a job search. Be the candidate who sends thoughtful, personalized thank-you notes to each person you met at the company during your interview. And do it quickly, too! Send those notes the same day. Paper is best, but if it’s not practical then email or LinkedIn will work.

Let Your Personality Shine Through

Ultimately, the people doing the hiring need to find a candidate that fits in with the culture of their workplace. If they want someone who plays by the book and wears business suits, you won’t be able to fake it if you’re the type who likes to take calculated risks and lives for Casual Friday. If they want a fun-loving, spontaneous, laid-back employee, then a boring, overly correct resume and cover letter will end up in the trash. It’s okay to be yourself. In fact, it’s the best thing you can do for your job hunt.

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