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Salesforce Certification and How It Can Help Increase Your Income

Salesforce is essentially the industry standard these days when it comes to customer relationship management (or CRM) software. As such, there’s a growing demand for people who have essentially become Salesforce experts.

And though you may already be well-versed in the software, having certification will take your credentials to the next level. In other words, becoming Salesforce certified could help you land a better job or secure a higher salary.

Understanding the Standard

Most of the world’s biggest companies, especially those in the tech sector, rely on Salesforce to manage customer relationships. Salesforce’s more than 150,000 clients include Amazon, American Express, T-Mobile, Toyota, US Bank and many, many more.

Of course, it isn’t just major corporations that use Salesforce, it’s also smaller companies across a broad range of industries. Included are companies that specialize in technology, healthcare, travel and hospitality, media, retail, wealth management, and manufacturing, among others. Even some government outfits use it.

With so many organizations, big and small, relying so heavily on the product, you can likely see the importance of certification. Having proof that you know the software and are certified to use it will give you a huge advantage.

Why It’s Popular

If you’re wondering what makes Salesforce such a popular option, there are several reasons. First of all, it significantly increases productivity. Plus, it helps benefit the return on investment where marketing efforts are concerned. This, of course, can really improve a company’s bottom line.

Salesforce is often viewed as a sort of wonder-product that improves the management of sales, marketing, service, and commerce. Since it helps streamline the various processes that are involved with maintaining solid customer relationships, it really is game-changing.

The Benefits of Being Certified

Plenty of folks learn to use Salesforce, though many typically only learn as much as they need to get by. It’s certainly common for someone to have experience with the software but to not fully understand everything about it.

This works to some degree, but it limits one’s ability to utilize the software to its true potential.

Someone who is certified, on the other hand, can essentially become a company’s go-to problem-solver when it comes to Salesforce. With most companies lacking CRM experts, this makes you incredibly valuable.

The Three Certifications

There are essentially three levels of Salesforce certification: Administrator, Advanced Administrator, and App Builder.

Regardless of which certification you choose, you’ll likely need to take a preparation course before taking your exam.

The company itself does offer some official training programs, but they are likely not your best option. Not only are they quite costly, it seems there are plenty of third parties that are simply better at training.

It’s definitely worth doing some research to find a good, affordable training option. Then, once you’re ready, you can take the exam on the official Salesforce certification website.

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