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Professional Writing Career Opportunities

If you’re interested in a career in writing, you’re in luck. There’s more demand for talented writers now than ever before! Many people who think their skills might not be marketable would be surprised to know just how many job opportunities there are out there for professional writers.

Today we’ll be looking at a few ways you can try to get ahead in a career in writing!

Careers in Writing


One of the most common careers people think of when they hear the term “professional writer” is that of a novelist. Novelists, as the name suggests, write novels and then have those works published in order to make money. This pursuit can be quite lucrative for those with books that really catch on! If you want to pursue a career as a novelist, that’s great. Remember to schedule at least thirty minutes each day to write for your novel.

However, remember that, unless you are already published and receiving royalties for your existing work, you may need a “day job” to pay the bills while you’re working on your book (or looking for a publisher). That’s where other writing careers might come in!

Commercial Writing

The most common job classifications for commercial writers are “content creator” and “copywriter.” These two jobs are pretty dramatically different, so let’s break them down.  The most basic difference is that one writes meaningful content meant for an audience – such as news, while the other focuses more on products, or an item being sold.

Content Creator

Content creators tend to work for creative and news companies that produce writing meant for informing readers or entertainment. Generally, any article that you read online was created by a content specialist! Getting a job in this field involves looking for content management companies that are hiring and applying through them.

One place to get started is by browsing various content and news sites.  You can get a headstart by writing your own news or entertainment articles, and submitting them to various companies that might need a news writer.  You might be surprised at the opportunities that might result by doing so.

Copy Writer

Copywriters tend to write things like instruction manuals, disclaimers and occasionally even ad content. These types of writers usually work for large companies and are somewhat more removed from the content they are producing.

Generally, these types of jobs are less creative and more straightforward than content creator jobs, though they are typically easier to find.

Other Jobs

There are plenty of other jobs available for professional writers, too! For instance, many writers are employed by films, news, and television shows and find work writing the scripts for these various media. Similarly, comic books and video games also require writers to create the narratives that unfold within them.

Journalists are another type of professional writer, though their work also involves investigation and fieldwork that some other writers might not specialize in.

Average Salary

The average salary of a writer varies wildly depending on what type of writer they are. Commercial writers tend to make between $25,000 and $35,000, depending on the company they work for and how many years of experience they have. Journalists and news writers could expect to make similar amounts of money if they work for minor news outlets, though journalists at larger media companies could make as much as six digits depending on their work history.

The same goes for novelists and writers on TV shows, movies, and video games. Intro-level writers in these fields might make $80,000 per year, but those who work for large, successful companies or produce works that perform well in the market could expect to make much more.

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