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Night and Weekends: How to Find Part-Time Work

There are lots of reasons why folks may be in need of a part-time job. Perhaps you want to supplement your regular income, or you need a job that will accommodate a college class schedule. Daytime commitments, atypical sleeping patterns, and other factors can also lead to the necessity for a part-time night shift or weekend gig.

Regardless of your reasoning, there are actually a lot of part-time jobs you can work on nights and/or weekends. These opportunities can help you make money with a schedule that suits your needs.

Here are some tips for finding this sort of work, as well as some suggested jobs.

Consider Your Needs

First of all, you’ll want to spend some time contemplating what sort of work you’re looking for. This means considering what industries may be right for you and weighing all the various factors involved.

Figure out what your availability window looks like and what hours will work best for you.

Soon, you should have an idea of what hours you’ll be available and what sort of jobs interest you. Then you can start your search.

Search Tips

Not only can you search for specific titles and types of jobs, you can also search for key phrases. These include terms like “part-time,” “night job,” or “evenings.” This can help you figure out what sort of options are available in your area.

You may also want to check local job boards, newspapers, and bulletin boards.

Have a specific company in mind that you’d like to work for? Visit them and ask if they might have weekend or evening opportunities available.

Utilize Your Social Network

Another way to sometimes find part-time work is to ask around. Talk to friends, colleagues, and family and ask if they know of any job opportunities. Be sure to update your LinkedIn profile as well.

Think About Freelancing

Of course, it depends on your skills and your industry, however, freelancing may be a viable option. It allows you to work from home during hours that you specifically set for yourself.

Writing, editing, graphic design, programming, web development, and many other jobs can be done as a freelancer.

Common Night and Weekend Jobs

If you don’t have a skill set that makes freelancing a viable option, don’t worry. There are plenty of options for everyone, including gig economy jobs.

If you have a reliable vehicle, you might want to be a delivery or rideshare driver. There are quite a few opportunities in this realm. You could drive for Uber or Lyft or deliver for Shipt, Postmates, or others.

If you’re already in healthcare, there are quite often night shifts available at hospitals and clinics. These don’t only include nursing jobs, there may be administrative positions available as well.

Working in hospitality or security may also be a good option. Types of jobs include bartending, waiting tables, DJing, cooking, hosting, housekeeping, and more. Many colleges need campus security guards, and often there are also clubs in need of reliable bouncers.

Childcare or teaching jobs, like babysitting or tutoring, may also fit your schedule.

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