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Nail Your Next Interview with These 5 Psychological Tricks

Every little advantage helps when it comes to standing out (in a good way) and acing your interview. To get a leg up on the competition, it can help to employ some good old-fashioned social engineering.

We’re not saying you should take advantage of your interviewer or try to hypnotize them with your pocket watch. (Wait, you carry a pocket watch? Are you the White Rabbit?) What we’re saying is there are some subtle tricks you can use to gain an upper hand.

Seriously though, certain things like wearing the right color or making the right references can really make a difference. Try using these clever psychological tricks to help you get ahead.

Chose an Opportune Time

If at all possible, try to schedule your interview for 10:30 AM on a Tuesday morning. Why? Well, this is typically one of the most opportune times for interviews. Monday’s over and done with, it’s not the first thing in the morning, and it’s unlikely you’ll be the last person interviewed. Most often, interviewing early in the week and before lunchtime is your best bet.

Wear the Right Colors

The clothes you wear can set a specific tone or mood for your interview. Depending on the job you’re seeking, you might want to choose a certain power color. The color, of course, should help you develop the image you want to project.

Red is associated with power, whereas blue tends to suggest you’re a team player. Black is a good choice for signaling that you have the potential to lead. And white? It conveys the notion that you’re organized. Brown tends to be connected to strong dependability, and gray suggests that you are quite logical.

Consider Your Interviewer’s Age

The age of your interviewer is certainly significant, as folks from different generations tend to also have different values. That means you may want to tailor your responses based on those presumed values.

If you’re being interviewed by an older individual, a good rule of thumb is to appear loyal. You should show that you’re a hard worker that values commitment.

If your interview is being conducted by a younger person, try to emphasize your creativity. Use visuals, if possible, to demonstrate how you’re able to think outside the box.

Inspire Confidence

Here’s another reason to factor in your interviewer’s age. If you’d like to leave a good impression, ideally you should find something you have in common with the interviewer. By suggesting you possess similar interests and core values, you’ll have a much better shot at the job.

Try to find some common points of reference or something you share in common and work it into the conversation.

Also, be sure to always make eye contact with the person conducting your interview. This also helps to promote confidence and instill a sense of connection.

Plus, people who tend to make consistent eye contact are often seen as being more intelligent, too.

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