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Job Opportunities in Bartending

If you’re looking for a job that involves meeting interesting people, making connections and friends in the food service industry and serving up drinks, bartending may be for you. You might be wondering how you would get started in this field, what kind of careers are available and how much you might make. We’ll show you the ropes! Let’s get started.

Education and Requirements

There’s not generally a requirement when it comes to bartending education. Workplaces, of course, differ, though most restaurants or bars are going to require you have at least a high school diploma. Generally, the most important qualification is that you pass a drug test, though prior experience in the industry also helps. If you’re just looking for a job at a straightforward bar then you might not need experience, though a job at a nice restaurant might be impossible to pin down without a work history.


Bartenders have no trouble finding work. You can pretty much go to any city on the planet and find bars and restaurants that are hiring. This goes for most food service work, though it’s still true of bartending. If you have ever worked food service, it’s a similar experience here. There is an opportunity for advancement for some bartenders, depending on the location and management. If you’re a hard worker and have a good rapport with management you could find yourself being promoted to manager or team leader, though this depends on the place you work.

Average Salary

On average, bartenders make roughly $25,000 per year. This could vary dramatically based on your skill level, city, background, and tips. If you work in a small town and get poor tips, this could be a much smaller number. If you’re working in a huge metropolitan area, you might find yourself making a lot more. Conversely, large cities have much more competitive job fields for good bartenders.

While it won’t pay as much as some careers, bartending is a good job opportunity for people looking for fast-paced, interesting work that lets them work with the public.

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