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How to Pursue Your Passions and Become a Social Media Influencer

These days, everyone has heard of “social media influencers.” These are folks who actually make money from their popularity and/or beauty on social media – some even make a living off of it.

And no, it’s not just something for millennials and their younger Generation Z counterparts to pursue. Plenty of older individuals and even seniors are now embracing social media culture and succeeding as influencers.

However, you won’t find success overnight. For most, it takes years of hard work with little to no reward. That’s why it takes dedication and determination in order to make a career out of it.

Whether you want to be a YouTuber, an Instagram influencer, or a Snapchat celebrity, the same rules apply.

Here are some tips to help you achieve your goals of profiting from sharing your passions.

1. Find the right niche.

When you become an influencer, you are what gets put on display – your persona becomes a commodity. That’s why it’s important to stay authentic and on brand at all times.

Everything stems from figuring out what you’re most passionate about and embracing it. The next step is selling it to the world. The more unique it is and the more interesting you are, the better, especially if you’re joining a saturated field like fashion, fitness, or beauty.

Once you find your niche and begin developing your brand, you’ll want to stick to that one primary topic.

2. Community building is everything.

Seriously, community building is huge. In fact, it’s the most important part of developing a following.

While some influencers may seem narcissistic, if you aren’t making friends, you likely won’t get far. As you grow, your objective should be focused around building genuine, solid connections with those who follow you. It’s important to foster trust and ensure everyone feels important.

The better and stronger your community, the more likely you are to succeed.

3. Put yourself on multiple platforms.

These days, it’s unwise to limit yourself to just one social platform. Even if your primary goal is to gain popularity on a single platform, you still need profiles on the others.

Creating content for as many different platforms as you can will help you grow.

4. Use apps to increase productivity.

If you want a slick looking online presence, you’ll likely need to utilize a number of apps. From photo editors to feed planners, video editing tools, and more, these can help significantly improve your content.

There are also some great apps that can help you stay organized and on schedule. Trust us, having regularly scheduled posts can seriously boost your engagement.

5. Be useful.

The more helpful content you can provide, the more valuable you’ll become to your followers. In order to stand out, you should provide your followers with as much useful content as you can.

Ideally, you want to become a source of answers for anyone who has questions about your passions. When people are seeking information, you should want them to visit your feed, your videos, or your profiles.

An example of this might be how you use beauty products in order to enhance your looks, and you can pass on this beauty knowledge to your followers.  Encourage them to ask any beauty questions they may have, and do your best to answer them.  If their goal is to find ways to meet their beauty goals, help achieve this.

If you have time to engage with your audience and can politely answer their questions, that’s even better.

6. Stay consistent.

Once you’ve built a following, it’s important to stay active and remain focused. Most people have short attention spans, so the last thing you want is to disappear from their feed. Even skipping a couple of days can mean losing members of your precious audience.

Try to prepare content in advance that you can publish on schedule. That way, your followers not only know what to expect but can also rely on you being there.

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