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How to Cut Your Job Search Time in Half

Do you need a job in a hurry? Are you frustrated with waiting for potential employers to respond to your application? Searching for a job is always stressful, but looking for work with a looming deadline is even worse. Here are three ways to speed up the job search and get paid as quickly as possible.

Leverage Social Media

The vast majority of networking—professional and otherwise—happens online. Use your network to help find a job! Post on your personal Facebook, your Twitter, and especially your LinkedIn. Don’t have LinkedIn? Create a profile now!

This is also the ideal time to expand your network beyond a circle of friends, family, and classmates. If you went to college, check in with your alumni society. Join a club or take a class related to your work. Attend networking events and follow up with LinkedIn invitations for the people you meet.

You never know when the ideal job for you is waiting on the other side of the screen. Just make sure that you don’t come across as desperate—that attitude can derail your job search.

Use a Targeted Approach

You might think that job hunting is a numbers game, and that the more resumes you send out, the higher your chances will be of getting hired. And while it’s true that you won’t get a job unless you go after it, a targeted approach is more efficient than spamming every job opening on

Apply for jobs that align with your experience and skills. Even if you’re desperate, it’s almost always a waste of time to apply for jobs that you’re massively overqualified to do. You also don’t want to end up working for a company whose corporate culture clashes with your values, so keep that in mind as you research potential employers.

Explore Temp Agencies and Freelancing

While you search for your next full-time job, it’s perfectly reasonable to take on temp work or freelance jobs. In fact, your next job might even come from one of those temporary gigs! Put in your information with staffing agencies in your area. Look for freelance opportunities online or offer your services to friends and family.

Even if you’re used to working in an office, there’s no shame in taking on a job at your favorite grocery store for a while. Retail and service industry jobs typically have the highest turnover rates, so you’re more likely to find an opening quickly. Plus, most retail positions offer employee discounts, which can help you cut costs as you search for your next job.

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