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Four Simple Productivity Hacks for the Office

Keeping on task and organized can mean a big difference in the amount of work you are able to accomplish in a day’s work. Learning and implementing just a few key things can boost your productivity. Try these five simple things and you’ll accomplish more, every day.

Learn Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a big one. If you spend a lot of time on the computer, learning the keyboard shortcuts for your computer and software can save a ton of time.  Let’s do the math. If you lose two seconds per minute each workday 240 days of the year, you’ve wasted 64 hours per year! Learning the keyboard shortcuts for tasks you perform regularly will save you a ton of time and increase your productivity.

Remove Distractions

You likely have many things in your office that you do not actually need for your work. Especially if you’ve been at your job for a long period of time, you’ve likely accumulated gadgets, toys and general items that cause distractions in your day.

Take time to declutter your office and get rid of items that take you away from your daily work. Decluttering will also help you be more organized and find things more quickly.

Have a Clear Workflow

Often times, you may spend time just figuring out what to do next. Knowing exactly what you need or are expected to accomplish on daily basis can eliminate time trying to figure it out. Spend a few moments each morning writing a list in order of importance that you need to tackle. If your day generally has the same routine, use a whiteboard – leaving room to fill in daily tasks between normal activities.


Meetings are one of the worst offenders when it comes to lost productivity. Often times, you’ll receive a meeting invite for a topic that you only need to take away one or two key points from. If you are the organizer, think about who actually needs to attend the meeting for input and who only needs to know the outcome.

If you are the invitee and know that you do not need to be in the meeting for anything other than a few bits of information, politely ask the organizer if they email you the information or chat after the meeting.

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