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Five Reasons to Stay Tech Savvy Regardless of Your Career Choice

As we get older, or we get settled into a long-term career, we sometimes lose track of modern technological advancements. Whether they apply to our jobs or our life, they can fall by the wayside, leaving us behind.

Keeping up with the times sometimes even seems like more effort than it’s worth. These are things we’ve survived without in the past, right? So, why do we need to dedicate time to learning the latest tech now?

As the world relies more on technology, it essentially becomes unavoidable – we simply have to keep up. Otherwise, we get left behind.

Luckily, there are plenty of upsides to keeping up with technology.

Career Opportunities and Side Gigs

If you’re looking to supplement your income, being able to work remotely can be game-changing. Keeping your tech skills sharp, however, is essential to making this a reality.

Not only can you find work online, you can also enhance and expand upon your existing skills. Thanks to blogs, podcasts, and knowledge bases, you can always improve upon the knowledge you already possess. This can open up a world of opportunities you may not have even realized exist.

Keeping in Touch

The older and the busier we get, the harder it becomes to stay in touch with friends and loved ones. We may even inadvertently end up isolating ourselves.

By staying tech savvy, it’s easy for us to adapt to new social technologies. From social media messengers and apps to mobile video, keeping up with the kids means staying with the times.

Improving Quality of Life

App-driven services are becoming ubiquitous in our day to day lives. Simply having a modern smartphone (and knowing how to use it) can grant us serious quality of life improvements.

When work leaves you tight on time, the little conveniences afforded to us by apps can make a huge difference. For example, you may use Instacart, Shipt, or Postmates to deliver groceries and food to your home.

Car in the shop? Hail a ride using Uber or Lyft.

Automate Your Home

While this may also fall under quality of life improvements, being tech savvy can also mean investing in home automation.

It’s likely easier than you might think to install things like automatic thermostats, wireless doorbells, or smart lighting. This can save you time, and often money as well. You can adjust your thermostat while at work, check in on your pets, and more – all straight from your desk.

Tracking Your Health

Work stress can be absolutely detrimental to our health. We should all be practicing proper self-care and ensuring we eat well and exercise regularly. However, sometimes that’s easier said than done, especially in today’s busy world.

Fitness trackers and monitors can help, as can smartphone apps. With a little tech savviness, you can track your sleep, your diet, and many other factors affecting your overall health. If you have advanced health concerns, there are even devices for monitoring your blood sugar and heart rate.

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