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Don’t Forget these Basic Job Search Tips

When it comes to looking for a new job, there’s almost too much advice out there. There’s so much, in fact, that much of it contradicts other advice you’ve heard. Through all this noise, it’s difficult to find real advice you can work with.

Some job search tips are so basic that they go overlooked. Here are our basic tips to help you get started looking for a new job!

Basic Job Search Tips

Break Out

When you’re limiting yourself to just online applications, you could be missing great job opportunities in your area. Hit the street and look for “help wanted” signs in windows! Print off physical copies of your resume and bring them to businesses in your area.

You can’t get a job you want if you don’t ask for it! Having a can-do attitude is the key to finding great opportunities.

Make Yourself Obvious

When people are screening resumes, they’re looking at a lot of data. Selecting a qualified applicant is incredibly time-consuming, and it eats into one’s time and sanity. As such, it’s important that your resume makes you look like the most obvious choice for the job.

Use the same language that the job posting does, and highlight the skills you have that make you relevant for the position.

Updating Resume and LinkedIn

Your resume doesn’t need to be a static document. Your LinkedIn profile doesn’t need to be set in stone. When you’re hunting for a new job, make sure that your tailor both to more closely match the job you’re applying for.

You need to be the obvious choice for any position. Make a recruiter looking at your profile say “well, this is the right person for the job, clearly.” Use wording and emphasis that highlights your unique skills in relation to the job you’re trying to land.

You Have LinkedIn, Right?

These are very basic tips. We mean “basic,” too, because we’re just double-checking: you have LinkedIn, right? It’s important to stress just how much recruiters use LinkedIn when trying to fill positions. If you’re not on LinkedIn, it’s unlikely that anyone will even see your resume as more than trashcan filler.

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