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Consider These Jobs to Help Jump-Start Your Legal Career

Becoming an attorney can be a long and arduous path. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to immerse yourself in the legislative world before reaching that goal. This is especially true if you have a pre-law major.

Even if your ambition isn’t to become a lawyer, there may still be opportunities for you in the legal sector. Here are just a few jobs for those joining the field.

Legal Assistant / Paralegal

This a fantastic stepping stone for a legal career, and a great way to hone your research skills. Working as a paralegal or a legal assistant also requires excellent organizational skills that will always continue to be beneficial.

The job involves proofreading documents, coordinating documents and exhibits, and ensuring everything’s in order. In some cases, it may also utilize your legal research skills.

Compliance Officer

These days, there’s a growing need for compliance officers in more and more organizations. The job involves formulating policies and monitoring a corporation’s actions to ensure they’re compliant with those policies. This means making sure the company follows all applicable laws and honors contractual obligations as well.

It’s also the compliance officer’s job to educate staff and advise management with regards to the organization’s policies.

Legislative Assistant

If you’re interested in politics, seeking a job as a legislative assistant may be right up your alley. These individuals aid political officials in analyzing proposed pieces of legislation among other things.

Strong writing skills and a good understanding of the law help with drafting all sorts of important documents. You could work on everything from formulating the language of a proposed bill to speechwriting and drafting correspondence.

Other Opportunities

Depending on your focus, there are many other jobs that can help you find footing in the legal field. For example, if you’re interested in property law, you might consider becoming a real estate agent.

Interested in helping to resolve disputes? Perhaps you should look into jobs in mediation. Good with numbers? A background in accounting can certainly help with fields like tax law. There are many options that allow for you to utilize the skills you have and build upon them.

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