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Bring Your Beliefs to Work in a Faith-Based Job

When your faith is important to you, it might even compel you to seek work in the religious sector. That doesn’t, however, mean your only option is to become a member of the clergy.

Perhaps surprisingly, there are quite a few opportunities for folks who want to work in a religious setting. Here we’ll explore some of the various options, both working for churches as well as other faith-based employers.

Weighing the Reasons

There are several factors that may inspire people to pursue a faith-based career.

For one, some may simply feel a strong desire to reach out and help others. Other people might believe that God has a special plan for them involving their church. Perhaps it’s a case of feeling unsatisfied with a current or former employer due to ethical reasons. One might also simply wish to be surrounded by like-minded people of the same faith.

These are all perfectly good reasons to explore job opportunities that are more congruent to one’s religious affiliations.

Church Jobs

You might be surprised to learn how many employees some churches have. In addition to clergy, there are also many other positions that must be filled, especially in larger places of worship.

Like any business, churches also need people who can fill openings in HR, management, administration, accounting, design, and more. There may also be positions for security guards, shuttle drivers, or janitorial workers.

Faith-Based Organizations

If your desire is to help people in need, there are countless faith-based organizations with which you might seek employment. These organizations hire all sorts of people from all walks of life in a wide variety of positions.

Their objectives cover a broad range of issues as well. For instance, there are those that aim to combat hunger and poverty, substance abuse, and other causes of suffering. There are also those that provide relief in times of crisis, help orphaned children, or respond to global humanitarian needs.

Other Opportunities

Just as you aren’t limited to working for a church, there are also opportunities beyond working for a FBO.

For example, there are also many religious schools, pre-schools, and daycare centers as well as counseling services. One might even find employment at a Christian radio station as a deejay or operations manager. Alternatively, those with strong writing or editing skills may find work with a religious publication.

The deeper you look, the more you’ll find work opportunities that support both your faith and your skill set. From clerical and entry level work to directorial positions, the prospects are plentiful.

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