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Best Jobs for Introverts

If you’re an introvert searching for your next (or even first!) job, it might be difficult to dream up a variety of jobs that can fit your more reserved ways. Here are a few lucrative career options for introverts, shy or quiet individuals, and people who enjoy working independently, flexibly, and/or remotely.

IT Expert

The average salary for an IT manager is nearly $84,000 per year, which means that it’s an especially lucrative field for an introvert. An IT manager or expert typically has many different responsibilities, which may include processing helpdesk requests at their company, managing junior IT professionals, and implementing changes to a company’s software, among other tasks.

There are usually remote work options for IT experts and managers, and a great deal of flexibility and independence is involved in most IT positions.

Content Manager

Writing and editing are two lucrative, flexible options for people who would prefer to work remotely. While freelance writing and staff writing positions for brands, outlets, and publications can be solid options, content management tends to be a more stable, well-paid niche.

Content managers create editorial calendars for a company or brand, and might be in charge of all publishing and production. They also might manage freelance or staff writers and designers.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers might work on their own or occasionally in collaboration with other members of the marketing or production team. Designers can also create visual marketing materials and provide logos, website design, and/or artistry for various campaigns.

Many work in freelance or contract positions for increased flexibility, while others work on staff at a given company to help provide the visuals to accompany a brand voice.

Mental Health Clinician/Behavioral Therapist

Although behavioral therapists and mental health clinicians often work with individual patients, therapy is a good career option for people who like to work in a home or private office.

Instead of large group settings, most therapists work in one-on-one settings, developing individual relationships with clients. Behavioral therapists often work with patients with autism, ADHD, or mental illnesses, and they typically earn a starting salary of around $40,000 per year.