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Becoming a More Positive Person in the Workplace

Someone once said, “You can do anything with a positive attitude better than you can do it with a negative one.” Isn’t that the truth! It can be difficult, or even downright impossible, to be positive all of the time. But striving to keep a positive attitude can be more important to your career than you may realize.

Being around a negative person can be exhausting. Not only that, but negativity can hamper your ability to be efficient and productive, and the productivity of those around you. It can make you skeptical of suggestions or advice.

Studies also show that negative thoughts can have negative impacts on your physical health, with stress-producing hormones.

It may be hard to snag that promotion or raise if your negativity is eating away at your productivity, slowing down those around you, or if it’s making you irritable or stressed. You also don’t want to be the employee that no one wants to be around!

When you’re feeling better, you’ll find it much easier to be positive. Here are some tips to help you make each day a positive one!

Starting the Day Right

A stressful morning routine can be the first step towards ruining your day. Think about your mornings. Are you hitting the snooze button several times, causing you to have to rush out the door in wrinkled clothes without breakfast, and then getting irritated with rush-hour traffic?

By making adjustments to your routine to make the beginning of your day smooth, you’re setting the stage for a positive day.

Add Personal Touches to Your Desk

You spend a lot of time in your workspace, so you should take the time to decorate it with things that make you happy. Your surroundings can have a huge impact on your positive (or negative!) attitude.

Add some low-maintenance plants, photos from a fun vacation with your family, or even a unicorn tape dispenser!

Eliminate Workplace Stress

Take steps to eliminate stress in the workplace. Taking on too many responsibilities, or losing focus while always trying to multitask, and not staying organized can all be big contributing factors to too much stress at work. Stress can have negative effects on your mood, and can even affect your physical health, making it hard to be positive.

Don’t bite off more than you can chew, and try to focus on one task at a time. Keep your workspace organized so that everything is at your fingertips, and there’s no overwhelming clutter. Also, don’t forget to take regular breaks!

Take Care of Yourself

It’s incredibly hard to be positive if you’re feeling tired, run-down, sick, or hungry. Make sure that you’re taking good care of yourself outside of work, so that you can do your best while you’re at work. Get enough rest, eat healthy, well-balanced meals, and do your best not to stretch yourself too thin with activities and obligations.

Think about taking the time to pack yourself some water and snacks that you can munch on throughout the day, and whatever you do, absolutely do not work through lunch!

Take Care of Others

If there are people in your workplace that generally make things easier for you, or add positivity to your work environment, find a way to thank them.  You can do this by sending them a greeting card, or find a seasonal way to show your appreciation – such as during a holiday event.

If you’re an employer, send greeting cards to your employees as a general rule.  The greeting cards don’t even need an excuse behind them other than a way to show that you’ve noticed their hard work.

You don’t even have to be the boss in this situation!  If you have an employer that you really respect, it won’t hurt to send them some sort of greeting card or other acknowledgment.  Again, seasonal holidays or even birthdays are a fantastic opportunity to make this happen.

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