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Asking for a Promotion the Right Way

Whether you’ve been working for a company for years or looking for a pay raise to help with the bills, it helps to know the right way to ask for a promotion. If you ask the wrong way, you might come across as an ingrate or someone who sounds entitled. If you ask the right way, you might actually end up with the promotion you want!

The Right Way to Ask for a Promotion

When to Ask

At the end of the day, there is no right or wrong time to ask for a raise. If you’ve just started working for a company maybe you don’t jump right into the boss’s office to ask for a pay grade increase, but other than that you shouldn’t worry about timing. If you’ve been working hard, doing a good job and learning a lot about your position, you’ve proven how valuable you are. That means you’re worth paying more!

Ask and You Shall Receive (Sometimes)

When it comes to promotions, sometimes you just need to ask your boss if you can have a raise. Depending on your relationship with your manager, this could be in a professional setting or maybe a more casual one. In either event, this is much less formal and allows you to express your ambition, motivation, and dedication to the position. Following what you learn about from this talk, follow up with a formal application for the position you want.

Aim High

Maybe you and your boss don’t see eye-to-eye. Maybe you’d rather not have to speak with them in a casual setting about your job prospects. If this is the case, perhaps your best bet is to aim higher: speak to your boss’s boss. If your company is small, this might just be the CEO of the company. Even in a larger company, you can speak to the district manager or general manager who oversees your boss. Much like the previous tip, this is a way to get a feel for the position and express your motives before putting the formal application in.

Ask Gradually

Another approach would be to take on new responsibilities slowly, one at a time. As you begin to grow your role in the company and become more and more valuable, your ability to bargain for a promotion increases. If you’ve gotten so invaluable that you can be depended on to pull off any task in the company, you’re in a great position to ask for a formal promotion.

Craft Your Own Role

Maybe your best bet is to make a new position that is an extension of your existing one. If you’ve taken up new responsibilities and made yourself that much more valuable to the company, maybe your role has shifted and expanded since you were hired. Explain this to your manager and tell them the reasons you think your position now merits a new pay grade and title. The worst they can say is “no,” after all!

Good luck! We hope this helps you to climb to the pay rate you deserve.

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