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Advantages of Using a Recruiter to Find a Job

If you’ve started your search for a new career, or are looking to reenter the workforce, the idea of trying to find the job you want can seem daunting and difficult. To make this process easier, you may be considering using a recruiter to help you find your next job. But if you’ve never used a recruiter before, you may be unfamiliar with how you might benefit from it.

Before you get started with a recruiter, it’s important to remember that their job isn’t actually to find you a job. Instead of finding jobs for people, they’re finding people for jobs. They have been hired by businesses that are looking for employees that can fill their open positions. Regardless, you will find it incredibly beneficial to add yourself to a recruiter’s candidate pool, and here are some reasons why.

They Can Help Through the Process

Many recruiters can prepare you for the process, from applying for a job to accepting an offer. Once you start working with a recruiter, they can help you refine your resume, provide guidance and tips to help you nail your job interviews, or suggest ways to add to your skill set to make you a more desirable candidate. After your interview, they can give you feedback. If you have any questions along the way, you also have someone to reach out to for answers.

They Know Who is Hiring

You’ll end up with access to more job opportunities with a recruiter. There are so many different places that jobs can get posted, from job boards, company websites, or LinkedIn, but there are also plenty of jobs out there that never get posted online. Some companies even rely strictly on third-party agencies to find candidates.

Recruiters already know who is hiring. They can help you when looking for jobs that might be harder to find, or jobs that aren’t even posted yet. Having more options means you’ll have a better chance of getting the position you really want.

You Benefit from Their Network

Networking will always be a huge part of finding job openings. You’ve already got your own network of friends, family, current and past co-workers, former teachers, and anyone else you’ve gotten to know. You might have a large network, but it still may not extend as far as you need it to if you’ve got your eye on a certain job.

Recruiters spend a lot of time networking, as it’s extremely important to their job. When you decide to work with a recruiter, not only do you now have your own network, but you have their network to also take advantage of, as well. Having an extra network of contacts can’t hurt your chances at all!

You’ll Save Time

One of the biggest pluses to using a recruiter is the ability to save time. You already have other obligations, and sometimes spending the extra time to search job boards and send out resumes just isn’t possible. Working with a recruiter means having another person to split that work with.

Even if you aren’t hired right off the bat by a potential match, you will be in that recruiter’s database the next time they have a job opening that you might be fit for. It’s an easy way to save you time in the future because when the right position comes along, your resume is already there and ready!

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