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5 Quick Tips That Could Help Boost Your Productivity

Productivity seems to be a limited resource sometimes. Whether you work from home or in an office, it’s not always easy to be your most productive all the time.

There are lots of things you can do to improve your effectiveness at work. However, many of the most often suggested tips take additional time out of your day to accomplish.

Things like planning your week in advance or taking time to hit the gym are certainly good ideas. However, not everything must require such amounts of extra time and effort. There are actually some productivity boosters that barely require additional effort at all.

See if these tips can’t help you get a bit more focused.

1. Creating Blocks of Work

Don’t let distractions rule your life. Instead, block out specific times to work where you can’t be interrupted. This often means making yourself unavailable for several hours a day – no meetings, no chitchat, just work. (Make it clear that you cannot attend meetings or other activities scheduled during these hours.)

Figure out what time of day you’re the most productive; then, schedule at least one 90-minute block cover that time.

2. Stand and Stretch

Spending a whole lot of time in a sedentary, seated position isn’t good for you. Make sure you get up to stand and stretch frequently for the sake of your health and productivity.

Some folks who are required to do a lot of sitting even opt for standing desks instead.

Seriously though, simply standing up for a minute here or there can significantly improve your energy level and mood.

3. Tune Everything Out

In addition to blocking out times in which you can’t be disturbed, consider downloading some pink noise, too. Similar to white noise, and often used for sleeping, pink noise is a bit steadier and less random. It can also really help you get focused.

Seriously, try putting on those headphones of yours and listening to some pink noise. It very well may significantly improve your ability to get things done efficiently. You might actually find the sound quite soothing.

4. Eat Healthy Meals

Eating healthy sounds like a magical cure-all for just about everything. In a way, though, it kind of is. What we eat affects so many different parts of our body, our mind, and, subsequently, our lives.

Take your lunch into consideration. Are you consuming empty calories or a lot of sugar? This could lead to your crashing and thus losing productivity. The better you eat, the better you’ll feel and the more productive you’ll bee.

5. Seriously Kill the Distractions

Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, you name it – these websites can utterly sap your productivity. If you find yourself frequently accessing sites you don’t need to for work, that’s a bad sign.

However, checking sites like these for updates may be an ingrained habit that’s too hard to break on your own.

If you can’t help yourself, try backlisting sites you don’t really need  to access. Don’t worry, there are apps that can make this quite easy to do. Alternatively, you can always enlist the aid of a friendly and trusted IT guy.

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