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4 Side Hustles You Can Do in Your Pajamas

Ever dreamed you could work from home in your pajamas? Well, side hustles are a great place to start.

While some traditionalist bosses may believe working at home is for the lazy, we know that isn’t the case. Many of us simply work better outside of a distracting office atmosphere. There are no co-workers to interrupt our flow, there’s no commute, and, of course, no annoying dress code either. Having control over our work makes it easier for us to be our most productive selves.

However, going from a typical office job to working from home full-time is a big step. Starting with a side hustle is a great way to test the waters and start saving up for bigger ventures.

So, what are some good side hustles? We’ll show you.

Content Writing or Editing

This modern era is all about advertising revenue and content marketing, which means there’s always a need for fresh material. If you’re a decent writer, you can totally capitalize on the current trends.

There are almost always companies looking for original written content. Check your favorite content-driven websites for potential opportunities or try reaching out to several content marketing firms. If you’re reliable and talented, you may very well find a steady stream of work.

In the same vein, there’s also often a need for QA specialists, editors, and content auditors as well.

Alternatively, you might even want to simply start your own blog or try writing ebooks.

Live Streaming

Do you have a sparkling personality? Whether you’re a skilled gamer, a cook, an artist, or are just simply an entertaining individual, you could try streaming.

While gaming is the biggest draw on live streaming platforms like YouTube Gaming and Twitch, it’s not the only category. Many people create live content in a plethora of different genres.

If you can build a brand out of yourself and grow your audience, you could start earning some extra income. Unlike vlogging or creating pre-recorded videos, you don’t need the same level of perfection to get off the ground.

Providing Various On-Demand Services

Websites like Fiverr allows freelances from all different professions to charge for their services. From graphic design to video editing, photo retouching, voiceover recording, social media management, and more, people offer many different services.

Competition is high, however, so you’ll likely have to keep rates low. Still, if you’re good at what you do, you can eventually demand higher fees.

Transcription and/or Translation

Even as speech to text software and services improve over time, there’s still a need for transcriptionists. The pay isn’t anything spectacular, of course, but it’s also not a labor-intensive job – nor does it require specialized skills.

If you’re fluent in more than one language, online work for translators is also often easy to find. Doing translations will likely earn you more money than simple transcription as well.

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