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4 Pieces of Career Advice to Improve Your Work Life

Depending on your current job, you probably spend a lot of time at work. With all of the time that we spend at our jobs, making our careers more satisfying and fulfilling could lead to a major improvement in our lives. Here are a few pieces of career advice to help improve your work life, no matter the industry.

Set Boundaries Early

Work-life boundaries are incredibly important in any career. This is something that we sometimes forget, especially at the beginning of a new job, when we’re trying our hardest to make a great first impression on our superiors.

You know who I’m talking about: that employee that shows up early, works through lunch, and responds to work emails 24 hours a day… don’t let that be you!

The problem is that if you start out doing that, it’s going to easily turn into the status quo and you’re going to be expected to perform like that forever. From the get-go, you should start setting boundaries. I don’t mean slacking off or not working hard, but you should be able to keep a balance in your life.

When you clock out, you need to really clock out. Go do things that you enjoy, and respond to those work calls when you’re at work. It’s going to help keep you from burning out.

Be Kind

If you haven’t figured it out already, no one wants to work with a jerk. You need to make sure you have a good relationship with your peers and your superiors. I don’t mean that you should suck up to your boss, but you should treat everyone around you well, even if you think you can’t benefit from them at all.

You never know when you’re going to come across someone again, or if they may end up being your supervisor, or if you find that you do need their help later. You’d also be surprised just how much everyone in the world gossips!

Eventually, you’ll find that everyone knows everyone. And they may forget your accomplishments, but they’ll never forget your attitude.

Keep the Receipts

You should keep some sort of records of all of your accomplishments, growth, learning, and even the things that you’ve failed at. It’s going to make it so much easier when you sit down and ask for a raise, and your boss looks across the table and asks why you deserve it.

It’s also going to make performance reviews much easier, and it’ll help you keep your resume updated, as well.  Speaking of keeping your receipts…

Understand How Taxes Work

Part of becoming an adult is understanding taxes, and how much of a role that taxes play in your life.  You know the old saying… there is life, death and taxes!

You should always account for being able to ensure your taxes can be paid, and that you plan ahead and make sure that you’re ticking all of the correct boxes that need to be ticked when you sign any documents that deal with taxes at work.

You should also keep any and all receipts as they may later be very useful when doing your taxes.

Never Stop Learning

There’s a lot to be said for continuing education. Learning new skills can help you become better at your job, and help keep you relevant. These skills don’t always have to be specific to your career, either, it can be learning to improve your communication skills, or learning to network more efficiently.

Keeping up with your education can help you perform your job better, which in turn will boost your confidence and make you feel better!

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