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3 Eye-Catching Tips for Upping Your Resume Game

Trying to get hired? Getting your foot in the door with an interview is an important first step. But if your resume is lacking, you’re not going to be seeing the callbacks that you should be, and you won’t have the chance to prove yourself in an interview setting.

These are our top 3 tips for improving your resume. You want to catch an employer’s eye and secure your spot as a real contender. Don’t let yourself blend into the background.

#3: Choose an Interesting Font

Times New Roman is so last year. Or, let’s be fair, it’s so 2000. Times New Roman is the most boring, dull font you can possibly pick.

In its defense, it is standard for a reason. There is nothing wrong with this font, which is used in nearly every resume out there. But it’s incredibly boring. There’s nothing about Times New Roman that is going to make your resume stand out.

Choose a font that is a little more interesting, but still professional. We are not suggesting you use Comic Sans or Papyrus for your resume, and we will not be held responsible for you not getting a job when you do use those. (Because let’s be honest, no employer worth anything is going to hire someone with Comic Sans on their resume)

Arial Narrow and Calibri are two modern options that have a clean, polished look. If you like something more traditional, try Georgia or Garamond. Play around with it some to see what looks good to you, without being boring and plain.

#2: Everything Has a Purpose

Everything on your resume needs to have at least one purpose, if not multiple. Sections like “references available upon request” are not just unneeded, they’re taking up extra room that you could be using to sell yourself.

Clean, polished, and to the point is the goal. Sections that say your objective (which you really don’t need on your resume at all) is to find a position that aligns with your career goals or skills is basically corporate-speak for I’m looking for a job. Yeah, we know – that’s why you’re applying.

Don’t hesitate to ‘trim the fat’ of your resume to make sure everything on there serves a purpose.

#1: Use Action Verbs

You might feel like a little bit of a tool, but action verbs will get you responses from employers.

No one wants to read a resume that looks like it could have been pulled from Indeed or Monster, so spice it up and give it some personality. “Responsible for” is boring. Administered, approved, conveyed, evaluated, examined, developed… all of these words will get you farther and keep the employer interested while they’re reading.

When you’re describing your skills and accomplishments, this is the exact place you can inflate your ego a little bit and come across and arrogant. Toot your own horn and make it interesting, but honest. Sell yourself here, and you’ll get the calls!

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