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3 Outdated Job Search Tips You Should Forget Right Now

When people give you advice on the job hunt, they probably mean well. But unless they currently work as a recruiter or hiring manager, that advice is almost certainly out of date. Here are 3 common pieces of advice that you can safely ignore as you search for your next job.

“Job hopping is a big red flag!”

This nugget of advice might have been true a generation ago, but these days job hopping is the norm. People simply don’t stay with one company for their entire careers. They’re more flexible, more likely to juggle multiple streams of income, and more inclined to try new things – especially thanks to the advent of new technology and electronics.

If you’ve changed jobs several times in a decade, be prepared to talk about how your diverse experiences enriched your skills and made you a better candidate for the position.

“Don’t bother to apply unless you meet all the qualifications!”

Here’s a secret: No employer really expects to find a candidate that meets every single item on their wish list. The trick is to recognize core requirements—those items that can’t be budged or fudged. Often, having a particular degree isn’t essential, unless you’re applying to work in academia.

Having a few years less experience than required also isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker. If you feel like you’d be a good fit, then go ahead and apply.

“You should search for jobs online—that’s how everybody does it these days!”

Yes, understanding electronics and technology is important to any job hunt. And yes, you can find job openings on sites like or But good ol’ fashioned networking is still the most effective way to find the job that’s right for you. Talk to the people in your existing network and hustle to find new connections. Attend events, join clubs volunteer—in short, do everything you can to put yourself out there.

You should absolutely use technology and electronics to your advantage when searching for a new job.  The newest electronics available on the market offer any new opportunities that help save both time and effort – far better than any old electronics of the past.

Simply submitting your application through an online portal is so much less effective than chatting with people in the industry at a networking event. Most hiring managers already have an idea of the person they want for a role before that job gets posted to the internet.

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