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3 Best Tips for Nailing Your Interview from a Hiring Manager

Searching for a new job? It can be overwhelming. If you’ve landed an interview or two and you’re ready to make a good impression, we’re here to help.

We’ve looked at major advice from numerous different hiring managers from all different professions, and built these 3 best tips for nailing your job interview and getting that position you really want.

Remember that you aren’t just relying on your skillset and experience – they’re evaluating who you are as a person and what you have to offer the company, as well. Making a good first impression is going to be the key to your success here.

#3: Show Up Earlier Than You Think

This is the advice that everyone gives you, right? Show up at least ten minutes before your interview. This is nothing new, but don’t skim past this step – one hiring manager had a really excellent piece of advice to share along with it.

He suggested that along with walking into the office 10-15 minutes early for your interview (But not sooner than that! Showing up too early can hurt your chances), you should show up at the building even sooner. Give yourself five minutes to sit in your car, listen to calming music, and gather your thoughts. Don’t walk in out of breath or flustered, and make sure you have everything together.

Giving yourself a little ‘breathing room’ to pull yourself together and be mentally prepared can make all the difference.

#2: How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself”

When you’re on an interview, you might hate the question “So, tell me about yourself.” It feels like a bad first date, where you’re not sure how much to really share about your life or if the other person even cares to hear it.

The interviewer is not looking for your life story. They don’t care about the details of your childhood, your romantic partner, or your favorite soccer team. If they do, they would ask about those specifically – or let the conversation naturally turn to a personal level.

Instead, before an interview prepare an ‘elevator pitch’ about your schooling, career experience, and skills.

Not sure what an elevator pitch is?

It’s a short 1-3 minute briefing. Just as the name suggests, it’s a sales pitch that can be done when you’re stuck in an elevator with someone moving between floors.

You don’t need to go into deep details about anything specific, so keep it bullet points of what is most important to them and the position you’re interviewing. If your interviewer has more probing questions about the subject, they will ask you about them!

#1: Follow up Email Seals the Deal

Sending a ‘thank you’ email after an interview seems like a lost art, but it is actually a very important touch that will help you stand out from the crowd!

1-3 hours after your interview you should send a quick email thanking the company and the interviewer for their time and consideration. This is the time to ask any follow-up questions you forgot about or simply touch bases and let them keep your name in mind, as well as repeat why you think you would be such a good fit for the role.

Have you went through an agency and don’t have direct contact information? Make sure you ask for their business card before you leave the interview. It also shows that you care about the company and the position, which is the whole goal.

Make sure you send it the same day, if possible! Often they interview several people at once and make a decision quickly. That fast response email could seal the deal for you.

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