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11 Tips to Make LinkedIn Work for You!

LinkedIn should be an essential part of your job search. But are you using the professional networking site to your best advantage? Here are 11 tips to ensure that you’re getting the most out of LinkedIn.

Follow Influencers

Will Bill Gates or Michelle Obama accept your connection invitation on LinkedIn? No, they won’t. But you can still follow influential public figures and learn from them.

Add Multimedia

You can include more than just text on LinkedIn! Add photos, videos, PowerPoint presentations—anything you’d like to include as part of your digital portfolio.

Take Things Offline

Ask your local connections to chat over a cup of coffee. It’s a wonderful way to reinforce your network and get better acquainted with local people in your industry.

Get a Custom URL

Here’s a simple tweak with a great ROI. Go to your profile and click “Edit public profile & URL.” Then click “Edit URL” to change the auto-generated web address for your profile. You can overwrite the standard “first name, last name” URL to something else that works for your personal brand.

Ditch the Buzzwords

Buzzwords have a bad reputation for a reason. They come off as insincere and evasive—what does “synergy” even mean?—and won’t endear you to most prospective employers.

Highlight Achievements

Instead of buzzwords, put the focus on your achievements—the more measurable, the better. For example, “I raised sales volume by 18% for my company” is a specific achievement with the facts to back it up.

Ask for Recommendations

One underused feature by new LinkedIn users is the ability to recommend or endorse skills. Ask people who know you to vouch for your abilities!

Share Your Insights

LinkedIn gives you the ability to publish your own posts as well as share noteworthy content with your network. Make sure to take advantage of that! Even if you’re not a professional writer, you can demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and experience through short, informative posts.

Get Visual

Humans are visual creatures, so add a professional headshot of your face (no filters, please) to your profile. To take thing to the next level, include a background photo as well. LinkedIn recommends a picture that’s 1400×425 pixels.

Proofread Everything

When you add content to your profile, always proofread the text. LinkedIn is not a good place to leave typos!

Make It Easy to Contact You

Include your email address, blog, website, Twitter or Instagram handles—in short, whatever contact information you’d like your LinkedIn connections to have.

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